egg forms.

11 August 2011
How adorable is this guy?! That's a hard boiled egg. Really. You can buy all sorts of egg molds in Japanese culinary shops and online. I actually find them a bit difficult to work with and the egg never seems to take the full shape. BUT.... if you can find a rice form or even a small cookie cutter, you're in business.

While living in southeast Asia, I stocked up on rice supplies. I've got rice paddles and forms and molds and cookers (yes, that is plural) to last for the rest of my lifetime and beyond. The rice molds, like the teddy bear pictured above, are intended to be packed with rice, pressed and then released. Here's how to use them, a small sized cookie cutter, or the actual molds sold as 'egg molds' to create fun hard boiled egg shapes:

1. Boil your eggs hard.
2. Drain the water off and immediately begin to remove the shells from the hot eggs (this is actually easy, and BONUS! you won't scorch your hands off, if you peel them under cold running water).
3. Gently insert the hot, peeled egg into your mold. If you're using a small cookie cutter, place the sharp side up and insert the egg very gently.
4. Slowly apply a bit of pressure (If you're using an egg mold, clamp them shut. If you're using a rice mold, place them under a plate with an object with a bit of weight.)
5. Cool for about 30 minutes.
6. Add the eggs (in the molds) to the fridge. Ideally refrigerate overnight.
7. Remove from the molds and enjoy. These will keep for about a week in the fridge.


Isa said...

I am going to get one of those rice former things! This is cool and my son would love this! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

These are so cool!

Anonymous said...

That teddy bear egg is a cutie!

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