a partial list: challenges.

22 July 2011
  • Rolling water outages by the city have plagued our house for the last 4 weeks (off around 9:30, on around 7 p.m.).
  • Daytime rolling power outages seem to be increasing (but don't last for any great length of time).
  • On the first day the city left our water on, a HUGE rush of steady water burst through a wall in one of our rooms, quickly sending water that grew to a depth of above our ankles.
  • Two (very teeny, extremely fast) mice darted out from under the couch I was sitting on late one evening last week.
  • There are no closets in our new home. 
  • We are living with boxes still yet to be unpacked.
  • Our refrigerator quit working (in fairness to it, I'm not sure it ever really worked.)
  • I'm fatigued by all of the above.

  • We seem to be done with our neighborhood's share of water outages.
  • We have a strong and sturdy generator that I know how to use.
  • I now know how to shut the water at our house off... I think.
  • My kids LOVED splashing around in the indoor wading pool created by the pipe bursting. My five year old said, 'Let's do that again tomorrow.'
  • I am completely okay admitting that mice are my kryptonite and equally alright that I turned into a hysterical version of myself for the better part of an hour.
  • The lack of closets will breed clever design solutions. (Not accurate. That is not yet exactly how I feel about the lack of storage as my entire family's clothing and shoe collections still sit in unpacked boxes.)
  • We have a brand-new fridge.
  • We have unpacked more than half of the boxes delivered.
  • The wine here is delicious. Really delicious.
  • I am happy. My family is happy. We are doing this. Once again, forging a way (slowly, but surely) in a completely foreign culture. And, despite the list of cons... it's invigorating.
  • OHHHH... one more pro. And, perhaps it is the most important: I discovered Tarragon soda and my life is forever changed once again. Really, really delicious.

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