Orcas Island.

28 July 2011
My friend Jodie has a thing for postcards. She loves sending them and receiving them and even uses a pen pal type of service to exchange cards with people all over the world. Pretty cool. And, her obsession may, in fact, be catching after my experience today.

I was hanging out at home, enjoying a mid-summer day with my kids, when the doorbell rang. I spied a plain clothed man, carrying a local shopping sack and yelled hello in the local language out of our window. He held up a register and a postcard, returning my hello. I ran to the door, looked at him (with a surprising lack of suspicion on my part given the lack of uniform and that he was pulling my mail out of a shopping sack), signed his register, closed the door and ran to the family room to read my delivered goody!

While on a summer holiday in the States, Jodie picked up a pen and sent a little note from one of her west coast tour stops. Who would have known that a postcard from Orcas Island, Washington would have made my day? Thanks, Jodie. As soon as I locate the local post office, I'm so getting into this postcard trend.

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Tricia said...

A note from 'home'! That's great!

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