one side of the river.

08 July 2011
One side of the river
a bride. a groom. a bride. a groom. a bride. a groom.
Three pairs lined up awaiting their turn at the alter inside the thick walled church.
Saturday in Tbilisi. Old town. Horns honk.
Girls in pillows of tulle bounce along
the crunch of grit underfoot.
A photographer captures a wrinkled face, violet haired one, watching memories made.
One side of the river where
green grass rolls as cliffs lead straight to the sky,
the bluest sky on earth it has been penned.
Within this side
children kick at the cool relief on a hot day
and swing with the butterflies on a playground newly built.
Within that side
a bride, a groom, a bride, a groom, a bride, a groom, joined now
walk on glass and metal over rolling waves of mud
connecting one side of the river to the other.
dusty, crumbling, not forgotten and relevant to this day
to one side of the river
newborn, energetic, magnificent and moving forward.


Asa said...

Wonderful to see the city through your poems.

Todd Hampton said...

Three weddings at the same church? Busy place.

Liza said...

Really beautiful Shelby.

Sadie said...

'children kick at the cool relief'... a beautiful picture. Thank you!

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