nostalgic love.

26 July 2011
A second, a minute, perhaps an hour pass
my daughter says come on and
the coins of a home past
sitting in a bowl, catch my eye.
She was four.
American, bright eyed and ready for adventure
unaware that her life was different from the friends left behind.

Today, a new home.
Still American but painted with the warm wash
of magentas and marigolds
covered in ceremonial incense haze, jasmine.
A bit more hesitant of new than she was when she began
and yet she reaches for the handle, feet steady and sure.

Come on she says and the door opens wide,
metal banging on concrete walls,
to a circle of cool blues and gray, subdued.
The warmth of her hand wakes me from nostalgia
and together we approach today aware of minutes ahead.


Dhee said...

...painted with the warm wash of magentas and marigolds... I thought of seeing you in Bangkok. Your missed here Shelby.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Shelby! I want to read more Though it makes me a bit misty eyed and nostalgic for the time when we lived closer. Lots of love and good wishes, h

Anonymous said...


Shelby from said...

H--- Thank you and miss you too! :)

Shelby from said...

Dhee--- Bangkok always will hold a lot of wonderful, wonderful memories for me.

House of Commons' said...


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