forest fairy.

23 July 2011
My kids have huge imaginations. I like that. I like that a lot. I could listen all day to the wonderfully wacky things, places, people and creatures they pull out of their brains. Which is why I didn't bat an eyelash when my daughter told me that she'd like to make "a blue haired forest fairy and take her on an adventure in a tall tree to see if there are any ev-illllllllll* forest witches around." Of course! That's exactly what I wanted to do as well! I grabbed some blue embroidery floss, a wooden bead, half of a pipe cleaner and a fabric scrap. You see, her and I have spent many a morning creating tiny fairies together.

Make your own forest fairy:
1. Cut the pipe cleaner in half (again! if you started with a full size). You now have two small pipe cleaners.
2. Fold one piece of pipe cleaner in half and thread it through the wooden bead, leaving a loop at the top.
3. Push the embroidery floss through the loop creating the fairy's hair.
4. Take a small scrap of fabric, cut a hole in the middle and string onto the pipe cleaner. The fabric is now sitting below the bead. At this point you will have the hair, the head, the dress and the legs complete.
5. Using the other pipe cleaner piece, wrap around the fabric twice, simultaneously securing the dress and creating arms.
6. Add further embellishments as desired-- feathers, glitter, button shoes...
7. Take your forest fairy on a grand adventure. (And look out for ev-illlllll forest witches. We've, fortunately, not come across any yet.)

*Ev-illlllllll = evil

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Candace @NaturallyEducational said... I've been wanting to help my fairy-obsessed girl make fairies with artificial flowers and this technique sounds so perfectly simple that we're going to get to work immediately!

Shelby from said...

@Candace: This is really easy (and fun... with each little fairy gaining more 'over the top' embellishments!). We've also used artificial flowers to form the skirt/dress by pulling apart a flower and using a petal or two in place of the fabric. Have a magical time with your daughter!

A blue haired fairy said...

This is quite uplifting, thanks for sharing.

Jules said...

Cool! My niece and nephew will love making these! Thank you!

Lori @ Beneath the Rowan Tree said...

Brilliant! I love imaginatiev kids ♥ (and parents!).
Thanks for sharing this at our weekly Playdate link party~ I am featuring your post for this week's party... so hop over, share some more and snag yourself a 'featured' button, too!


Shelby from said...

@Lori Thank you so very much for the compliments and the feature!

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