float boat races.

19 July 2011
If my kids wanted to pretend to visit Narnia, they couldn't. We live in a wardrobe-less house. And, we welcomed 174 (give or take a few) boxes a couple weeks back into our lives as our household goods shipment arrived on our Tbilisi doorstep. I'm hoping some creative solutions will emerge and my clothes will find their way into some sort of fashioned wardrobe shortly. But, in the meantime, I figured my kids were tired of my self-inflicted hair pulling and mumblings about the lack of storage. So, we popped the top on some chip containers and made some simple summer float boats. A bit of acrylic paint, some sparkly sequins-ey things fetched by my daughter, a few wooden ladybugs,* some paper cut into sails and a couple bamboo skewers, a container of water, much blowing on the little float boats... and the races were underway. Simple. Fun.

*I suppose wooden ladybugs are optional, but then you'd lose the opportunity to discuss how they might be feeling as they sail across your pond. According to my daughter, her bug wanted choppier water and to move 'faster, faster, faster' during the float boat races.

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Anne said...

So sweet Shelby!

Dani said...

The ladybirds make the boats! LOL!

Candace @Naturally Educational said...

Lovely! Thank you for sharing at the Smart Summer Challenge!

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