22 August 2011

Coffee. A true staple of my life. I can tell stories of places I've been by the way the coffee tasted and the way it was served. But, as a true girl from the American Pacific Northwest, I'm a Starbucks Coffee fan through and through. There's not a single Starbucks in our current city (I know, shocking isn't it?!) and I have strong doubts about the one place in town claiming to sell the brand's ground coffee. I'm not naming names, but let's just say that the logo looks a bit suspicious, the taste is dead wrong and the unmarked paper bags just don't quite fit. I have yet to find a truly delicious grind here and, while I hate to admit it, I'm counting the days I've experienced without stepping into a Starbucks store. 72 days. I guess my forever Seattle-ite hat is still a part of the wardrobe.

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Todd Hampton said...

NO Starbucks? I didn't know such a place existed!

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